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Episode 34: ACLU-CT and Occupy Student Debt

The 34th episode of the Horizontal Power Hour broadcasted Tuesday, January 24th at 4 PM from the studios of 88.1 WESU FM Middletown. The show was hosted by Abe Bobman and Meggie McGuire and features an interview with Occupy Student Debt organizer Robert Oxford who discusses the looming student loan debt crisis, the hope for a nation-wide debt refusal, and organizing within academic institutions. There is also a report on the ongoing case of police brutality in East Haven, Connecticut where a Federal Department of “Justice” investigation recently found the police department guilty of discriminatory policing and unjust immigration enforcement and will include an interview with ACLU-Connecticut lawyer Sandy Staub who has testified on the issue of racial profiling in Connecticut. And as usual the show features the regular action news segment focusing on un(der)reported stories from around the world.

Episode 34