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Episode 14: Harold Barclay and Lawrence Jarach

Join your hosts, Zak and Dan, for an episode of “Horizontal Power Hour” that will feature Dr. Harold Barclay and Lawrence¬† Jarach, in addition to anti-authoritarian action news updates from around the world and top-notch music from Dead Kennedys, VC, Ska-P and Polkacide throughout (and the same Gustav Landauer quote twice!). Harold Barclay lectured in anthropology at University of Alberta for nearly a quarter century and is well-known for several contributions to the anarchist discourse including People Without Government: An Anthropology of Anarchy and The State. He will discuss his work, the relationship between anarchy and anthropology, as well as offer reflections on recent events in Egypt, where he did extensive fieldwork. Lawrence Jarach is an American anarchist essayist whose work has been central to the internal critique of anarchism known as post-left anarchism. He has published widely and co-edits,¬† Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed. He will discuss post-left anarchism both broadly and specifically. Original air-date: 3-22-11

Episode 14