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Episode 42: Dean Spade

Co-hosts Zaq and Dan share action news updates from around the world, including updates on the police repression of NATO protests in Chicago, and the upsurge of vigilante fascist-bashings from Italy to Illinois. Zaq and guest interviewer Nico also talk to Dean Spade, founder of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project and Assistant Professor at Seattle University School of Law, where he teaches Administrative Law, Poverty Law, Law and Social Movements and Critical Perspectives on Transgender Law. Dean discusses his latest book, Normal Life, and touches on topics ranging from the inadequacy of legal reform movements in securing queer/trans liberation, to the relationship between monogamy and state violence. This show also features some classic tracks from The Cure and Bad Brains. Original air-date: 5-22-12.

Episode 42

Episode 35: Queer-Cripping Anarchism

Horizontal Power Hour turns this week to the possibilities of queer-cripping anarchism. Our guest is Liat Ben-Moshe, a radical sociologist whose work places her on the cutting-edge of queer studies, critical pedagogy, disability studies and anarchist studies. The subject of the discussion is drawn from a paper she co-wrote and presented at the 2011 North American Anarchist Studies Network conference. Embracing the intersectional relevance of the critical term “queering,” Ben-Moshe proposes a “queer-crip” in which the categories of disability and queerness are themselves employed as analytics useful in challenging prevailing understandings of the normal/ideal. Action news anti-headlines from around the world and exciting music from Readnex Poetry Squad, Blackfire and Reagan Youth will also be shared. Original air-date: 2-14-12.

Episode 35

Episode 30: Damayan: Organizing Filipino Workers

This November 22 episode of Horizontal Power Hour features an interview with Linda Oalican, a community organizer from Damayan, a Filipino im/migrant workers independent non-profit grassroots organization. She speaks about some of the issues facing Filipino immigrant workers, and methods their group is using for organizing and building solidarity. Here is a link to their website This show also includes two songs and some action news! Original air-date: 11-22-11.

Episode 30

Episode 28: Philly Stands UP and Cheri Honkala

This show, produced by collective members Mariama and Zak features Jenna Peters Golden of Philly Stands UP, a collective that challenges and finds alternatives to structural underpinning behind sexual violence. In addition we interview Cheri Honkala, who is running for sheriff in Philadelphia under the promise of ending foreclosure evictions, and as always wrapped with awesome music and indy news from around the world. Original air-date: 10-25-11.

Episode 28

Episode 27: Mitchell Verter, Anarchism and Feminism

Join Meggie and Dan for an interview with Mitchell Verter on feminist subversions of politics and alternative socialities based on caring. J. Kehaulani Kauanui will also speak with Libor Von Shanau, a veteran of international anti-authoritarian mobilizations who has been in Liberty Square/Zuccotti Park for the entire Occupy Wall Street festivities. Reports on prison strikes in the US, animal liberations in South America and police violence in the Middle East will be shared in addition to the rest of the global action news round-up. Mitchell Verter is the author of Dreams of Freedom: A Ricardo Flores Mag√≥n Reader and has presented on intersections between anarchist and feminist thought at the North American Anarchist Studies Network Conference and the New School’s Anarchist Turn symposium within the last year.Original air-date 10-11-11.

Episode 27