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Episode 12: Dylan Rodriguez

This week’s hosts Yael Chanoff, Paul, and Mica Taliaferro bring you Action News, songs from Bomb the Music Industry and Son of Nun. The show also includes a presentation by and interview with Dylan Rodriguez, by J.Kehaulani Kauanui and Paul, where he address radicalism, the racial politics of 21st century genocide, and the prison industrial complex. Rodriguez is the author of two books:  Forced Passages: Imprisoned Radical Intellectuals and The U.S. Prison Regime (University of Minnesota Press, 2006) and Suspended Apocalypse: White Supremacy, Genocide, and the Filipino Condition (University of Minnesota Press, 2009). He is a founding member of Critical Resistance: Beyond the Prison Industrial Complex, a national movement building collective that seeks to fulfill the social and historical vision of abolition, and has worked closely with numerous organizations and scholarly collectives. Original air-date: 2-22-11.

Episode 12

Episode 5: Resisting Incarceration

Hosts Mica Taliaferro and Nick Petrie focused on the prison-industrial complex and resistance to it. The show includes an interview with Molly Porzig and Whitney Walton, members of the LA branch of Critical Resistance. From their website: “Critical Resistance seeks to build an international movement to end the Prison Industrial Complex by challenging the belief that caging and controlling people makes us safe. We believe that basic necessities such as food, shelter, and freedom are what really make our communities secure. As such, our work is part of global struggles against inequality and powerlessness.” We also heard from Youth Justice Coalition, a group based in L.A. that works to challenge the criminal justice system, in some of the most heavily policed neighborhoods in this country. The coalition is completely led and staffed by youth of color who are directly affected by the prison-industrial complex. They work through advocacy, youth organizing, and political education, running the Free LA High School. We spoke with Danae Tapia, an organizer with YJC and Sergio Hill, a student at the high school. We also heard perspectives on interactions with the prison-industrial complex from members of our collective Yael Chanoff, Zak Kirwood and Paul who shared experiences of being arrested and volunteering at prisons.  Original air-date: 11-9- 10.

Episode 5