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Episode 18: James Jordan

On Tuesday, May 24th, 2011, join your hosts Paul and Diego Glusberg for an extensive interrogation of the newest proposed free trade agreements (FTA’s) between Colombia and the United States, which are poised to be voted on soon in the U.S. Congress.  Our guest is long-time Latin American solidarity activist James Jordan, who has been organizing against these newest FTA’s from within the Alliance for Global Justice.  Our conversation begins with an in-depth analysis of the destructive impacts that these FTA’s will have on the people and land of Colombia.  We discuss the role of the industrial agribusiness sector in Colombia, its relation to the militarization of Latin America by the United States, and connect both of these trends to the FTA’s.  Then we branch out into a wider discussion of many essential issues regarding the exploitation of Latin America at the hands of U.S. governmental and corporate powers.  From the culture of incarcerating indigenous and political dissidents, to the role of the prison-industrial complex and the War on Drugs in perpetuating violence and corruption, we draw linkages between these familiar exercises in capitalist domination with the culture of so-called “free trade.”  The episode finishes with a look at the battle currently raging in Tucson over the preservation of the Ethnic Studies program, and then orients the issue of immigration and xenophobia along the U.S.-Mexico border to movements for Palestinian solidarity and resistance. Original air date: 5-24-11

Episode 18

Episode 14: Harold Barclay and Lawrence Jarach

Join your hosts, Zak and Dan, for an episode of “Horizontal Power Hour” that will feature Dr. Harold Barclay and Lawrence  Jarach, in addition to anti-authoritarian action news updates from around the world and top-notch music from Dead Kennedys, VC, Ska-P and Polkacide throughout (and the same Gustav Landauer quote twice!). Harold Barclay lectured in anthropology at University of Alberta for nearly a quarter century and is well-known for several contributions to the anarchist discourse including People Without Government: An Anthropology of Anarchy and The State. He will discuss his work, the relationship between anarchy and anthropology, as well as offer reflections on recent events in Egypt, where he did extensive fieldwork. Lawrence Jarach is an American anarchist essayist whose work has been central to the internal critique of anarchism known as post-left anarchism. He has published widely and co-edits,  Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed. He will discuss post-left anarchism both broadly and specifically. Original air-date: 3-22-11

Episode 14

Episode 11: EmpowerDC

This episode, hosted by Meggie McGuire and Mariama Eversley, features an interview with Pariza Nourozi , executive director of EmpowerDC, a community-based non-profit organization which aims to empower low-income residents specifically in relation to child-care, education and housing struggles. The episode also includes our regularly featured action news from around the world, a segment of readings in honor of Black History Month, a live poem by collective member Nick Petrie entitled “Love Letter to Capitalism” and a special live musical performance by the Middletown-based Spooky Band. (Interview only) Original air-date: 2-22-11

Episode 11