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Episode 39: Ben Morea and Black Mask

This week’s edition of the Horizontal Power Hour features an interview with Ben Morea, an artist and anarchist agitator who emerged after over 35 years of anonymity to discuss his participation in the late 1960s with the Lower East Side-based collectives Black Mask and Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers. Of humble origins, Morea gained notoriety as an associate of Abbie Hoffman, a defendant in an attempted murder trial, a vocal supporter of feminist (and Andy Warhol assailant) Valerie Solanas and as the only person to be expelled from the Situationist International who was never a member in the first place. As part of their assault on bourgeois art and respectable society in general, Black Mask/UAW-MF shut down the Museum of Modern Art, cut the fences at Woodstock and developed radical affinities across racial, ethnic and class constituencies then present on the Lower East Side. In the interview, Morea reflects on his participation in this crucial and under-appreciated component of the counterculture, ultimately explaining the reasons for his long absence. Global action news updates and exciting music will complement the conversation. Original air-date: 4-10-12.

Episode 39

Episode 38: (De)Occupy Honolulu

This week’s edition was hosted by Mica Taliaferro. The show features action news, music, and an interview conducted by J Kēhaulani Kauanui with activists with (De)Occupy Honolulu – Laulani Teale, H. Doug Matsuoka, Chris Smith, and Rich Rath – during a recent visit to the island of O`ahu. They discuss the intersections of (De)Occupy politics with the local indigenous context of the Hawaiian sovereignty movement, U.S. occupation of Hawai’i, the historical significance of the place where they hold camp, and axes of difference within the 99%. Original air-date: 3-27-12.

Episode 38

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Episode 37: Gustavo Esteva Part II: Beyond Development and Globalization: Anarchy and Buen Vivir

This week’s edition of the Horizontal Power Hour features excerpts from a presentation by the radical Mexican development critic Gustavo Esteva titled “Beyond Development and Globalization: Anarchy & Buen Vivir” originally given in Middletown, CT on February 13, 2012.  Esteva is a “deprofessionalized” intellectual and grassroots activist.  His writing of the past 25 years has figured centrally to what is now called “critical development studies.”  He works both independently and in conjunction with a variety of Mexican NGO’s and grassroots organizations and communities in Chiapas, Mexico, including the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (or EZLN).  In the talk, Esteva emphasizes the terminal inadequacy of prevailing political priorities and illuminates the radical potentiality of what he calls “the ongoing insurrection” which surrounds us every day.  In addition to the wise words of Esteva, we share some less-wise words from Supreme Court “Justice” Antonin Scalia, who explains his refusal to strike down Texas anti-sodomy laws in Lawrence v. Texas.  Abundant, exciting action news from every continent (except Antarctica) is shared.  Inspiration guaranteed!

Episode 37

Episode 36: Anti Systemic Movements ~ a conversation with Gustavo Esteva and Anu Sharma

Mariama and Isabelle resent this week’s show, which features a conversation between Gustavo Esteva and Anu Sharma. Esteva is an independent intellectual and grassroots activist from Oaxaca Mexico who addresses post-development, social change from the bottom up, and the Zapatistas. He works both independently and in conjunction with a variety of NGOs, organizations and communities.  In Grassroots Postmodernism: Remaking the Soil of Cultures and Escaping Education, Gustavo argues that even the “alternative” development prescriptions lead inexorably to depriving the people of control over their own lives and shifting this control to bureaucrats, technocrats, and educators. Sharma, who was influenced by his work as a graduate student, is an associate professor of Anthropology and Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Wesleyan University. Her work focuses on the anthropological study of global projects of neoliberal governance and development. Her previous research focused on empowerment as a global strategy of development and democratic governance and examined its effects on citizen and state identities and relationships to contemporary India, culminating in the publication of  Logics of Empowerment: Development, Gender, and Governance in Neoliberal India. Her current work is on the empowerment mobilizations and citizen-activist-state interfaces in New Delhi in the context of the 2005 Indian Right to Information Act.

Episode 36

Episode 34: ACLU-CT and Occupy Student Debt

The 34th episode of the Horizontal Power Hour broadcasted Tuesday, January 24th at 4 PM from the studios of 88.1 WESU FM Middletown. The show was hosted by Abe Bobman and Meggie McGuire and features an interview with Occupy Student Debt organizer Robert Oxford who discusses the looming student loan debt crisis, the hope for a nation-wide debt refusal, and organizing within academic institutions. There is also a report on the ongoing case of police brutality in East Haven, Connecticut where a Federal Department of “Justice” investigation recently found the police department guilty of discriminatory policing and unjust immigration enforcement and will include an interview with ACLU-Connecticut lawyer Sandy Staub who has testified on the issue of racial profiling in Connecticut. And as usual the show features the regular action news segment focusing on un(der)reported stories from around the world.

Episode 34

Episode 33: Radical Philanthropy

This episode features an interview with Ro Seidelman, an organizer with Resource Generation and POOR Magazine, and a co-founder of the Hummingbird Collective. Original air-date: 1-10-12.

Episode 33

Episode 32: Lisa Fithian

On December 27th, the 32nd episode of Horizontal Power Hour aired from the studios of WESU Middletown, 88.1 FM.  This installment featured a conversation between long-time direct action campaigner and social justice organizer Lisa Fithian and Dream Committee member Paul.  Lisa’s work over the last 30 years, which has brought her all across the globe, focuses on confronting systems of oppression and violence through a strategic analysis of power and privilege, with an end-goal of liberatory social change.  In our45-minute interview with Lisa, she discusses her perspective on social change, anarchism, non-violent  direct action, student organizing and the challenges of coalition building. We also touch on the Occupy Movement, its history and importance, and the future of social change work in the U.S. and around the world.  Collective member and executive ex-producer Abe Bobman gives us a satisfying roundup of un(der)reported news from around the world in our action news section, focusing on Occupy Christmas.  Featuring music from Flogging Molly and Immortal Technique.  Original air date: 12-27-12.

Episode 32

Episode 31: Josh Harper

The December 13 edition of Horizontal Power Hour features a conversation with the veteran anarchist/animal rights activist Josh Harper (recorded in November). Perhaps best known for his conviction for violation of the Animal Enterprise Protection Act as part of Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty (SHAC) 7 trial in 2006, Harper reflects honestly on decades agitating for radical social change. Warning of the dangers of both self-marginalization and submission to mainstream activism, Harper shares the lessons he learned in hopes of enabling a stronger, more self-reflective movement, a commitment which also inspires his recent work creating a free online archive of radical earth/animal liberation zines and materials. Exciting action news from around the world is also presented, along with music from the radical Diné punk band Blackfire and Rage Against the Machine’s tribute to Mumia Abu-Jamal. Original air-date: 12-13-11.

Episode 31

Episode 30: Damayan: Organizing Filipino Workers

This November 22 episode of Horizontal Power Hour features an interview with Linda Oalican, a community organizer from Damayan, a Filipino im/migrant workers independent non-profit grassroots organization. She speaks about some of the issues facing Filipino immigrant workers, and methods their group is using for organizing and building solidarity. Here is a link to their website This show also includes two songs and some action news! Original air-date: 11-22-11.

Episode 30

Episode 28: Philly Stands UP and Cheri Honkala

This show, produced by collective members Mariama and Zak features Jenna Peters Golden of Philly Stands UP, a collective that challenges and finds alternatives to structural underpinning behind sexual violence. In addition we interview Cheri Honkala, who is running for sheriff in Philadelphia under the promise of ending foreclosure evictions, and as always wrapped with awesome music and indy news from around the world. Original air-date: 10-25-11.

Episode 28