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Episode 55: Anti-austerity movements in Greece

Original Air Date: March 12 2013
On this episode, we hear from Greek activist Thanasis Xirotsopanos, who along with his comrades Vangelis Nanos and Sophia Papagianaki gave a presentation at Wesleyan University about the anti-authoritarian and anti-austerity movement currently consuming Greece.The speakers focused their discussion on the rise of and resistance to the Golden Dawn, an allegedly neo-nazi and openly fascist political party that rose to prominence in Greece in 2010, and has since committed acts of violence against immigrants, ethnic minorities, women, leftists and anarchists. The activists at the talk connected the rise of fascist violence with the austerity policies currently creating an economic and social crisis in Greece.

Thanasis Xirotsopanos, an activist involved in the anarchist movement since early 90′s, has participated in the squat community, the anti-globalization movement, and the social struggle concerning ecology, immigrants and free social spaces. He is an active member of the Anti-Authoritarian Movement and its organization since the beginning, including organizations such as the free social center Nosotros, the Babylonia newspaper, and B-Fest, an international gathering of 20,000 anti-authoritarian activists each year in Athens. Plenty of anarchist hardcore punk rock from Greece, and some words from the CrimethInc Collective on the potential of crowds and the futility of representative democracy.

Episode 55

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