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Episode 48: Kate Khatib, Co-Editor of “We Are Many”

Tune in at 4PM to hear episode 48 of the Horizontal Power Hour, featuring our standard dose of action news, and an interview Kate Khatib.  Kate is a co-founder of Red Emma’s Bookstore Coffeehouse – a worker-owned and collectively managed bookstore in Baltimore – and is a collective member at AK Press.  Most recently, Kate co-edited an anthology on the Occupy movement (released on the 1-year anniversary of OWS) titled We Are Many: Reflections on Movement Strategy from Occupation.  Paul from the Dream Committee talks to Kate about the new anthology, its purpose and goals, and how the over 50 contributors approached the topic of Occupy, one year in.From the book’s website: “We Are Many is a reflection on Occupy from within the heart of the movement itself. Examining key questions—what worked? what didn’t? why? how? is it reproducible?—the authors and activists in this collection point toward a movement-based framework for future organizing. Heavily illustrated and annotated, We Are Many is a celebration of what worked, and a thoughtful analysis of what didn’t.”  Includes your bi-weekly round-up of action news from around the world and as always, fantastic tunes.  Original air date: 10-23-12.

Episode 48

Full interview with Kate

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