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Episode 4: Anarchy in Brazil

In this episode, hosts Michelle Garcia Gutierrez and Zak Kirwood focus on anarchist activism in the global south. After some action news items covering happenings of anarchist interest across the world, we speak to Caio Juca of the Ativismo ABC collective, based in the ABC region near São Paulo, Brazil. Translated from their website, http://www.ativismoabc.org/: “Ativismo ABC is a libertarian collective based on the principles of solidarity, self-management, and embracing difference. We stand against the alienation caused by power, oppression, and exploitation of both humans and non-humans. We believe in self-organization and alliance between movements, without bureaucratic or partisan organizations. In our organizing, we try to find ways to avoid hierarchies, through consensus and the division of tasks. This is not a simple job, but rather is a process of constant learning about relations between people. We try to find ways of interacting and exchanging that are less commercial and more about solidarity, through practices of production and transformation that are sustainable, ecological, and autonomous.” Original air-date: 10-26-10.

Episode 4

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