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Episode 13: Quetzal Flores and the Seattle Fandango Project

Join your host, J. Kehaulani Kauanui, for an episode of “Horizontal Power Hour” that will feature guest Quetzal Flores, of the music group, Quetzal. Lead by Martha Gonzalez (vocals, tarima, chekere, congas) and Quetzal Flores (jarana, requinto doble, bajosexto, electric guitar), their unique combination of community activism and creative compositions has allowed them to travel the world using music as a tool for creating a global network of musicians committed to building community.  The program will focus The Seattle Fandango Project, which is dedicated to building relationships and social activism through participatory music. Based on the fandango celebration of Veracruz, Mexico, music, singing, and dancing are used to generate a spirit of convivencia-co-existing together.  For a decade, musicians in Veracruz and California have built a movement of convivencia through Fandango Sin Fronteras (Fandango Without Borders). The Seattle Fandango Project brings this movement to Seattle with local workshops, concerts, and public discussions with guest artists, as well as community members, organizers, and educators.  The show will feature music selections by Quetzal, as well as the IndyMediaNews round-up. Original air-date: 3-8-11

Episode 13

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